RUG MAKING PROCESS There is a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes before one of our beautiful rugs becomes a part of a home.

Choudhary Exports is a leading rug design and manufacturing house and has always been at the forefront of international design trends whether it is for handknotted carpets. Therefore, considerable amount of efforts are spent to create new designs, textures and collections.

Design Process

Our wonderful design studio is where a lot of the creative processes happen. The design team is always pushing the envelope to create unique masterpieces that are either inspired by the classical school of rug weaving or by modern, contemporary art forms.

Once a design has been finalized, the creative team finalizes the colour palette. Sometimes a design is such that it requires a bold, vibrant colour family while sometimes we move ahead with an elegant, sophisticated palette.

Dyeing of Colours

Based on this, our team decides on the kind of yarn we will be using and we proceed with the dyeing of colours. Our library consists of several hundred colours and we continuously keep adding fresh tones based on evolving international trends.

Weaving Process

Finally, a rug is ready to be woven. All the necessary raw materials together with life-sized graphs of designs are then sent to weaving centers that can sometimes be as far as several hundred kilometers away from the head office.

Rugs return from weaving centers in a raw state and then go through finished processes that include a wash to bring out the natural sheen of the yarn, trimming of uneven fibres and hand shearing to give the rugs a unique layered look.

These processes can sometimes take over a year, and finally the masterpiece that you were waiting for is
ready to enhance the beauty of your space!